A name you can trust?

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Facebook Jayden K. Smith cream magazine @2x

We might all be connected thanks to social media, but when it comes to figuring out who you can trust, things can get a little tricky.

As with everything these days, the online world has its dark side. And with more and more people playing around in cyberspace, security has taken on greater importance.

This past week, Facebook users have discovered just how murky the waters can get thanks to one Jayden K. Smith.

A message that warned users not to accept the friendship request from Jayden K. Smith for fear that he would hack their account had everyone in a spin.

Just who was this Jayden K. Smith fella? Surely, not that Jayden Smith?

Similar to a game of Chinese whispers, things soon got out of hand. And it wasn’t long before poor real life Jayden Smiths around the world were getting blamed for the deed.

Thankfully, the message has proven to be nothing more than a childish prank. But it does serve as a timely reminder that a certain amount of caution goes a long way when you venture out into the online jungle.  Chris Prindiville