Bedtime Stories

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Cream turns to some classic fairy tales for sartorial inspiration, dragging out a wardrobe of fab vintage accessories to boot!

Because big kids still love the odd storybook.

Photography by Helen White


001 Cream Magazine

↑ Jelly wedges by Melissa.

Inspiration: The Wizard of Oz.


002 Cream Magazine

↑ Vintage music player by M:Robe.

Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland.


003 Cream Magazine

↑ Hooded cardigan by Pour.

Inspiration: Little Red Riding Hood.


004 Cream Magazine

↑ Vintage runners by Adidas.

Inspiration: Rapunzel.


005 Cream Magazine

↑ Fragrances by Issey Miyake, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Escada, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, and Paul Smith.

Inspiration: Cinderella.


006 Cream Magazine

↑ ‘Candy’ red specs by Paul Taylor.

Inspiration: Hansel & Gretel.


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