Today is ‘World Emoji Day’… WTF?

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We’re not sure what’s worse: the fact emojis have been granted their very own day (ie: today is, believe it or not, ‘World Emoji Day’) or the fact there’s a film dedicated to the ubiquitous and annoying buggers. Actually, what may be worse is the film’s key poster art which depicts a turd emoji… of the hundreds of choices the producers had to pick from.

The Emoji Movie is an animated feature that “delves into the secret world inside your smartphone”. Here’s its ridiculous premise: hidden within the messaging app is ‘Textopolis’, a bustling city where thousands of emojis live, work and play. In this land, each emoji is stuck with just one facial expression – except for Gene (voiced by T.J. Miller), an animated character who’s bursting with multiple expressions – a talent frowned upon in the emoji community (that is, if members are able to frown).

The film also features the voices of James Corden, Anna Faris, Jennifer Coolidge, Maya Rudolph, Sofia Vergara and Patrick Stewart. The fact these otherwise fab actors have lent their vocals to such a tedious project should be enough evidence that things in Hollywood are getting tight and desperate.


While the film is due for release in the northern hemisphere on August 4 and in Australian cinemas on September 14, emoji “fans”far and wide have gotten together to set the world’s first Guinness World Records title for the “Largest gathering of people dressed as emoji faces simultaneously across multiple venues”.

Clearly, some people have way too much time on their hands.  Antonino Tati


‘The Emoji Movie’ is out September 14. See the trailer above, if you dare.

See the trailer above, if you dare.

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