The vote is on

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When it comes to the vote on marriage equality, drama is never too far away.

Today, the drawn-out saga continued, with the High Court dismissing the challenge against the proposed postal vote.

With this ruling, the $122 million postal vote conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics will now go ahead.

Despite the Government’s best attempts to sabotage the process (ie: to orchestrate a no-vote), we now get a chance to voice our opinion – so it would be playing into their hands to waste it.

As it stands, forms will be sent from September 12, with the ABS guaranteeing that they’ll all be sent out by September 25. Voters have been advised to return their forms by October 27, with a strict cut-off date of 6pm on November 7. The result will be announced on November 15 at 11.30am.

It might not be how we wanted it, but sending your vote off to be counted is ultimately what counts right now.  Chris Prindiville