Aussie artist Ben Frost collaborates with Italian luxe label Moschino

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Australian artist Ben Frost has teamed up with Italian fashion house Moschino to create a flamboyant collection of clothing and accessories for the label’s Fall 2018 collection.


Frost’s artwork, which has regularly featured in Cream, is famous for subverting mainstream iconography, making it a perfect match for Moschino’s often quirky, contemporary aesthetic.


The new collection takes its main cues from the swinging 1960s, with fabulous Frost prints emblazoned on dresses, t-shirts, backpacks, hats, handbags, shoes, and even phone cases. Indeed, each item is a piece of pop art in its own right.


Moschino creative director, Jeremy Scott, has built a reputation upon being pop culture’s “most irreverent designer”. Ben Frost, meanwhile, has often taken to deconstructing fashion brands and logos on canvas. The pair’s collaboration, then, is a marriage made in pop cultural heaven.  Antonino Tati