OJ Simpson’s ‘confession’ has even his own attorney in a spin

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OJ Simpson Court Case Illustration @2x

Since he was acquitted of murder in 1995, charges that much of the public continue to believe he was guilty of, OJ Simpson would have had to put up with some fairly twisted scenarios in his mind.

Some of those twisted scenarios seemed to have been verbalised when Simpson gave ‘hypothetical’ accounts last Monday night of what ‘really’ happened on the night of the murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman.

OJ was being interviewed for the FOX TV special O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession? in which he continued to assume the character of the man who murdered who his ex-wife… with strange articulation and a paranoid demeanor.

So apparent were the signs that this was a man speaking from guilt and dissonance of literally getting away with murder, many viewers felt what they were watching was an actual confession.

Even Simpson’s attorney Shawn Holley says she was disturbed by Simpson’s words, while actress Keesha Sharp, who featured in the teleseries The People vs OJ Simpson, says she refused to watch the Fox interview since she already knew of Simpson’s guilt. Sharp has gone on to express that while, at the time of the verdict, black America was ecstatic that OJ ‘got off’, that is not the case now thanks to new information that has since surfaced.

In the United States, once a murder case has been closed and the defendant found not guilty, that person cannot be tried again for the same charges. They call it’double jeopardy’.  Antonino Tati