VAMFF Special: 7 Questions with Designer Lucie Martyr

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Some people believe in self-fulfilling prophecy, that is if you hear something regularly enough, you’re sure to believe it and it’s sure to come true. Like our names, for instance. Lucie Martyr ought to know her first stems from the same root word for ‘light’ and that her surname, well, that speaks for dark, edgy itself.

Suffice to say, this fledgling designer’s collections are creating stark, dichotomous looks on the catwalk – some outfits sheer, pale and oozing classicism; others jet-black or bold in colour, deconstructed for true postmodern effect.

Here Cream poses 7 questions to up-and-comer Lucie Martyr.


How long have you been designing fashion, and what is the primary reason you got into the industry?

Fashion design became a very strong passion very early on in my life. From a very young age I knew I loved to create. I remember making the first ever outfit I designed for a school dance when I was just 10 years old. I felt so special, wearing something completely designed by me. My Grandma helped me. She was a dress designer and I think that’s what really got me going. I was so inspired, and loved learning from her.


The fashion industry is often described as ‘fickle’. Not only do designers need to contend with setting and keeping up with trends, they also need to compete in an oversaturated market, and address environmental impact. What are the key attributes you possess that will see you coping with all these factors?

I feel my collection provides pieces that are unique and special for every wearer. When designing [my current] range, I wanted it to possess timelessness, pieces that would go beyond trend. Whilst most people within this industry are aware of the issues concerning sustainability, I feel consumers still have a long way to go. I hope to continue creating work that will break these ‘trends’ and remind wearers of the impact their choices make.




How long did you prepare for your recent show at VAMFF?

Almost a year. The collection showing at VAMFF is my Honours Graduate collection and also the first full collection I have prepared for. It’s been a very big year for me with lots of learning curves but I have loved every minute of it.



How best would you describe your new season collection?

It is inspired by the phenomenon of flowers and the semiotics behind their biological makeup. With a focus, too, on celebrating the female gender, this collection has stayed true to its vision; fierce femininity through colour, print and texture.



If you absolutely had to compare your design vision with a well-established, veteran designer, who would that be?

I love Simone Rocha. I think every piece is so delicately thought-out. Every collection represents ideas of femininity, either with edge or unease. It is very romantic, something I hoped to bring across in this collection. I also look to Molly Goddard a lot. I really connect with the playful, cool-girl charm she brings out in every look.


Have you ever worked for another fashion company?

No, as I’ve only just finished my studies, however I’m very keen to do so. My objective is to gain as much experience as possible in the fashion industry so that I am fully prepared when really starting something of my own in the future.


Please complete this sentence: “I live for fashion. The only other things I truly live for are…”

Cooking, creating, discovering, experiencing and family.


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