What’s new is old again…

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The height of print advertising arrived in the 1950s at the end of World War II. As rationing became a thing of the past, consumer products became more and more readily available. Advertising became the powerful driving force behind growing consumerism. 

Big Boy @2x

During this time, advertisements were aimed at marketing a sense of consumer idealism. Products ranging from household items to cars were popularly promoted, due in part to the onset of the baby boom. Iconic characters like Tony the Tiger, Mr Peanut and Big Boy, the burger chain mascot, came to life during this period. 

To recognise the power of print advertising, premiere auction and galleries site Invaluable created these visuals that reimagine modern tech companies as vintage ads from the 1950s. From Airbnb and Lyft to Spotify and Tesla, enjoy a gallery of postmodern marketing in all its deconstructed glory.  Emma Welsh