The drugs don’t work

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Pills @2x

Dodgy batches of drugs were discovered at music festival Groovin’ In The Moo over the weekend, found to have contained lethal and odd ingredients.

Pill-testers at the festival reported discovering a lot of “quite pure, high quality” ecstasy and ketamine, but also capsules and packets of powder that contained N-Ethylpentylone (or ‘ephylone’), a highly toxic chemical that has been responsible for mass overdoses around the world.

Ephylone is a stimulant that can cause issues with circulation, lethal heart palpitations and dangerous hallucinations.

Other dodgy ingredients discovered in the drug testing included artificial sweeter and lactose and, even more disturbingly, muscle rub and spray paint.

Pill testers were only given the go-ahead to carry out their safety exercise in February this year.

So popular was the Safety Testing Advisory Service (STAS) that a queue had formed by early afternoon, with punters expressing gratitude they’d been saved from potential overdose.

STAS started out with no legislative backing, with participants signing a waiver that releases government, festival promoters and testing staff from liability if an overdose occurs after testing.  Lisa Andrews