Happy National Burger Day

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HB @2x

As if we didn’t have enough occasions to stick into our organisers already, now comes National Burger Day, with May 28th celebrating – as you might have guessed – the humble hamburger. Well, any burger, really, considering even KFC has jumped on the promotional bandwagon.

We’re not certain how long it’s been going for but it’s certainly the first time we’ve heard of National Burger Day, and who are we to pretend we don’t enjoy scoffing the occasional Big Mac or Tendercrisp Meal every now and then?

If talk of all this is making you hungry, you may want to take advantage of a couple of special offers from the fast food giants.

McDonald’s is celebrating its 50-year love affair with their most famous burger by offering a free Big Mac to app users, while KFC are giving away free regular chips and a drink with every burger ordered through their app. What better excuse to avoid cooking on this lazy Monday night?

Hungry Jacks, however, don’t appear to have put forward any generous offers but instead delivered a video meme denouncing National Burger Day by renaming it National ‘Whopper’ Day.

Ho hum.  Antonino Tati