It’s International Fish and Chip Day…

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Here’s another one of those days that you probably hadn’t heard of… but wouldn’t mind celebrating, just the same. Today is ‘International Fish and Chip Day’. Yep, you read right. And with Aussie folk regularly picking a Friday to enjoy fish and chips (thanks to all those religious connotations), and while the sun is out in most states, it’s the perfect day to indulge in one of our favourite national takeaways.

The art of cooking fish and chips is being celebrated this year with the Fisheries Research Development Corporation ready to search for Australia’s best batter, crumb and grilled fish, and the crispiest, creamiest chips in a national competition that’ll kick off on August 1.

The Awards are designed to celebrate locals who support our seafood industry, basically the “mum and dad fish shops” in our backyard.

“It is important to recognise the success stories in our seafood industry and the hard work of our fishers who bring food to our table” said, Senator Anne Ruston, who will be the official patron of the National Fish and Chips Awards 2018.

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